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Lead Programmer

During this project, I was the lead programmer in a team of 8. 

I worked to maintain quality throughout the code of the other programmers.  My direct duties were to program the AI, which went through various different iterations of behavior. 

In addition, I also reworked bad code that caused many problems with interaction, weapons, and combat from the player's side.

Below are examples of blueprints I wrote during this project.

My works: Bio
My works: Work


This project was based around building a multi-room palace, focusing on only design and not mechanics.  Being a solo project, I worked to properly construct an environment that was easily maneuverable, interesting, and immersive.

Special attention was paid to particle effects and lighting, especially in the first room, the throne room.

Below are more locations I built for the Dwarven Keep.

My works: Welcome
My works: Work

This unnamed project was training I did to learn line by line C++ programing.  While fairly simple, and with little to no design work.  This was merely a learning experience, and much knowledge came out of it.

The actual project is included here, so that the code can be seen.

My works: Bio
My works: Work
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